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In Practice, Production on September 7, 2011 at 10:13 am

Royal blue standards adorn the Puerta de Jerez, one each side of the mudejar archway. Suns radiant and the word LUZ emblazoned on either. Inside in the casco lights have gone up over the streets; red and white flower motifs and along the walls smaller pennants hang, also blue. I’ve seen it before – preparations for the arrival of the Virgen who will come to town tomorrow (eight thirty sharp) to take up residence for a week. Tarifa‘s Real Feria y Fiestas.

Last night I watched the coronation of the Reina Juvenil as I did last year and as was the case then there appeared to be a lot of minor roles going; at any rate there were a good few girls and young women in pretty, formal dresses and flowers by the ton. Flowers on their lap, in their hair, at their feet, on pedestals, all around them. They sat self consciously and soaked up the attention, and the pollen no doubt, seated in diagonal rows on the incandescently lit stage. Excited whispers, giggles, that kind of thing.

My second Reina, crowned.

The ceremony has gone up in the world – from the long palm lined alameda where it was held last year up to the refurbished square at the side of Tarifa’s magnificent new theatre. More

Missing Mary

In Presentation on September 17, 2010 at 5:33 pm

It should have occurred to me but it didn’t. If the Virgen de la Luz is escorted into town every September for the week of Feria she must have some way of getting back out to her shrine afterwards so she can do the whole thing again the following year. I hadn’t given the matter much thought but if pushed I suppose I imagined her being secreted away under cover of night when all the excitement had died down, or perhaps popped onto the back of a pickup as surreptitiously as possible. Nothing to see here folks, type of thing.

But that would mean the Spanish passing up on the opportunity to have a procession, which of course is inconceivable. And so it was that I found myself outside the church in the centre of town this last Sunday, unable to move for all the people, most of them of a certain age and all in their Domingo best. More