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In Practice, Production on February 14, 2011 at 9:30 am

They have been there since the middle of January. I pass them each day as I walk up the main street on my way to the bus stop. On a corner outside a bar and on the corner opposite as if the same intersection is used by arrangement every year.

I’ve only been in that bar once, when I was new here at the tail end of last summer. It looked intriguing to me in a shabby, down to earth way. Ugly but lively. I ordered a beer and scanned the bar for evidence of anything edible.

“Hay tapas?”


I didn’t go again. For want of tapas and a friendly reception I took my one man show (eating, drinking, staring into the middle distance…) on a tour of Tarifa‘s many other bars till K arrived and we settled on a few favourites. Still, I’ve passed by often and seen very decent raciones getting dished out. More