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In Plenary on September 11, 2010 at 10:44 am

It’s all I can do not to leave my mouth open as I sit here and grin at the cinema. I order a beer and some fried fish, if only to justify my behaviour. This is my favourite place. It may not always be, and just a couple of weeks ago I had neither seen nor heard of it but this little plaza right here, right now, is my favourite place.

It’s one of a number of little squares in this part of town, laid out like a coiled string of beads. As with the others it would appear to have multiple names. The names are displayed on multiple ceramic plaques placed one above the other on a wall in the corner, as if the vested interests that come along and rename things have here lacked the ruthlessness required to erase the past; so this square which is called San Hiscio is also, apparently, called Plaza De Perulero. More