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El Enseñar

In Plenary, Practice on November 23, 2011 at 10:37 am

I don’t usually write about work. Oh there are plenty of stories, believe me, but I shy away from the mentioning of either names or any obviously identifying circumstances or specifics. I don’t want to cause offence – to inadvertently portray a place that is shared by others in any way that they might find disparaging or insulting. What I see there is almost certainly not what they see there, and it can be jarring to become privy to someone else’s version of your events, especially if unsolicited.

Particularly where there are children involved I could never be sure, were I to write about them in any kind of detail, that I wasn’t being exploitative in some way. Nor would I want to excite anyone to a level of curiousity about me or my opinions that I might find uncomfortable. I don’t know what my opinion is half the time; why would I want to field questions on it?

No, better not. The hours spent at it accrue though, to the point where ignoring it completely seems a little fake. The proverbial elephant in the classroom. It has been a major part of the experience this last year and a learning curve all of its own.

The fact is, teaching the children – particularly the younger ones – has been humbling; an impressive experience that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. More


In Plenary, Practice on January 10, 2011 at 8:58 am

The same songs come back to me insistently tonight in the booming silence – booming because I am wearing ear plugs and while I can hear “nothing”, the sound of my heart  is loud and rhythmic, a metronome for the imagined music. The earplugs are a little uncomfortable and I know I will end up taking them out eventually, but for now they insulate me from mosquito whine and from the noise of that bar at the end of our street.

That bar. It is the nearest to our front door but we have never set foot in it. It is a charmless place – ridiculously lively at, say, 1am on a Tuesday night. It is the enemy of a good rest. Owned by expats, it is trendy enough to have a website which I visited once while plotting its downfall. There’s a page on the history of the bar. More