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Cheese and Gooseberry Jam

In Practice, Production on February 6, 2012 at 9:36 pm

“I’m so fed up of not having anywhere to put things!”

“Then stop buying shoes.”

It was right about then that Sunday started getting a little tetchy. We had about eighty percent of our things in the new place and the old place was a mess of boxes and electricity cables and sundry debris.

The morning and afternoon had been spent to-ing and fro-ing with Kia Picanto-sized portions of our life. Our new house was coming round slowly, as opposed to leaping up at our chests like a keen puppy. It had its annoying qualities – whenever I tried to hang a picture the wall flaked – and its limitations; storage space.

It doesn’t quite have the old world charm of the little casco apartment we are vacating although it will – without a doubt – be a major upgrade in terms of space, indoors and out. I am particularly excited about our private patio and the open air shade it will provide in the hot months. I will have a garden where I can plant edible things. We’ll see whether anything grows; plants tend to just lie down and die when they see me coming.

“You’re stupid”, said K. More

Living Outside The Box(es)

In Practice, Production on October 21, 2010 at 8:24 am

Box No.1: Lady shoes.

Box No.2: There is a place in life for experiment and a place for conservatism, and when it comes to crockery I let conservatism guide me. Squareness, ovalness, multicolouredness – these are all plate-diminishing qualities. The perfect plate is three things; large, round and white. This isn’t a trivial matter – a plate is the frame for one’s food. If I had my way there wouldn’t be a plate at Casa Alotofwind that wasn’t large, round and white. And so it is that I find myself unpacking our dark blue plates. The ones with the gold trim. Well, at least they’re round.

Box No.3: Lady shoes. More