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Real Estate

In Plenary, Production on January 28, 2012 at 6:08 pm

There is still a week to go and it isn’t as if we’re moving far (four or five streets away) but life has already changed. It starts the moment the first picture is removed from the wall, the first box filled with books; we are unsettled, not sleeping well and thinking differently.

Taking a new place makes a person think about time and, more specifically, time scales. Nebulous wish thinking finds itself slotted involuntarily into the concrete schedules of feasibility. It’s a healthy process I suppose, but it feels like a bad case of malaria.

For example we wouldn’t undertake this – packing, redecorating, heavy lifting – for the sake of a mere twelve months of relocation, so that pretty much means we will be in Tarifa for a minimum of a further two years. Puts a shape on things.

We are dealing with two different orders of time scale on two different…eh, scales. Firstly, micro; for the next week we will be pottering around an increasingly chaotic apartment busily surrounding ourselves with boxes and bags where once there were books and personal bric-a-brac. I have called our internet provider and been informed with some confidence by their English speaking department that we cannot have adsl More