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Estamos Aprendiendo

In Practice on August 8, 2010 at 9:48 am

Spanish lessons. I knew there was something I’d forgotten to put on the “to do” list. In time honoured fashion I’ve left it late, but I’m finally grappling with the realisation that “Dos cervezas, por favor” isn’t going to cut it.

Nor is “¿Habla usted Ingles?, but I imagine I’ll be deploying it all the same.

K has organised lessons for us and we’re taking them together; an arrangement that has made her superior grasp of the grammar abundantly clear.

Not that I have failed to prepare – cultural orientation is well underway; a history of Moorish Spain and a good translation of Don Quixote. I tackle both with a bottle of Spanish red, and I’m getting better at tortilla con patata, so it isn’t as if I’m not making an effort. More