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Mierda, y otros detalles.

In Plenary, Production on February 29, 2012 at 1:11 pm

I’m staring at poo.

It’s a shapely stool – well formed and regularly shaped, but the colour is just wrong; a dreadful pale hue. Truly awful.

It’s one of a number of turds I’ve had a good long look at recently. I’m not sure why I stare though.

Perhaps I enjoy savoring the rage.

No doubt there will be more to look at tomorrow. One of the motifs, the little details of daily life, currently: pieces of poo.

Winter is reductive – the head goes down and the eyes are drawn away from the far-flung horizon. They focus on the minutae at our feet. The world is scanned, bit by little bit – unconnected dots; attention hopping from one to the next without time for drawing the lines as one scurries from one warm spot to another.

Life is grainy; a composite of discrete things.

It’s 9.35 in the evening as I step off the bus at the first of Tarifa’s two stops, on my return from work. I’m just inside the town which spreads out downhill in front of me, and I take a right into a neighborhood of uniform, almost Soviet-style apartment blocks, away from the casco where we used to live. More