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Mierda, y otros detalles.

In Plenary, Production on February 29, 2012 at 1:11 pm

I’m staring at poo.

It’s a shapely stool – well formed and regularly shaped, but the colour is just wrong; a dreadful pale hue. Truly awful.

It’s one of a number of turds I’ve had a good long look at recently. I’m not sure why I stare though.

Perhaps I enjoy savoring the rage.

No doubt there will be more to look at tomorrow. One of the motifs, the little details of daily life, currently: pieces of poo.

Winter is reductive – the head goes down and the eyes are drawn away from the far-flung horizon. They focus on the minutae at our feet. The world is scanned, bit by little bit – unconnected dots; attention hopping from one to the next without time for drawing the lines as one scurries from one warm spot to another.

Life is grainy; a composite of discrete things.

It’s 9.35 in the evening as I step off the bus at the first of Tarifa’s two stops, on my return from work. I’m just inside the town which spreads out downhill in front of me, and I take a right into a neighborhood of uniform, almost Soviet-style apartment blocks, away from the casco where we used to live. More

You Might Have Mentioned The Camels

In Practice, Production on June 22, 2011 at 7:24 am

These are the details; it slopes upward. The board. The board with the holes. The coloured holes and the one unmarked hole in between you and the coloured holes. The coloured holes you roll the wooden ball at. Somehow past the intervening large unmarked hole. Uphill.

The stupid fucking board. Uphill into the coloured holes and what then? The balls just come back. I roll them again. People are shouting. There is a man with a microphone.

I turn to K. Not easy between the physically assertive women either side of me. I plead with her. I hope that she can see the panic in my eyes.

“What is happening here?”

She responds with a flat stare. I don’t think I like how relatively relaxed she looks.

“Not sure”, she says.

Not sure. Great. I turn to the board again and apply my faculties. It slopes upward. There are coloured holes and another one that isn’t coloured. That would presumably be the bad hole. More