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Las Curvas

In Practice, Production on July 22, 2012 at 11:16 am


It’s ten in the evening, we’re down on the beach, and they are all around us.

Puppy waves doggy paddle towards the shore in a long, long line of overlapping arcs.

A dome of light on the horizon – the last remnants of the sun’s toffee orange blush.

Los Lances as it bends away towards Punta Paloma and the two headlands up there, the more distant one a paler grey, the closer blacker, both their bends reflected in the mirror water that floods the beach here often.

The merest sliver of a waxing moon, exquisitely fine, like a thumbnail rip in the nylon sky.

Its delicate curl is echoed by the motor parachute that swoops up and down the beach, the pilot taking care each time he passes to leave us our space.

We stand out in the ankle depth and everything appears equidistant. Nothing farther away than anything else – Tangier just as near, and just as remote, as the chiringuito on the other side of the beached water where people are gathering in the music. More