A Guide to Tarifa at Red Magazine. Tarifa, Spain. Sept ’13.

A Bridge Through Time at The Spain Scoop. Segovia, Spain. Sept ’13

An Old Town… at The Spain Scoop. Trujillo, Spain. August ’13.

A Gorge, A Gun Factory… at The Spain Scoop. Jimena, Spain. July ’13.

Top Ten Bars Madrid at The Expeditioner. Madrid, Spain. June ’13.

A Walk In The Park at The Spain Scoop. Los Alcornocales, Spain. June ’13.

A Sip In Sanlucar at The Spain Scoop. Sanlucar, Spain. May’13.

Pass The Patatas Bravas at The Spain Scoop. Madrid, Spain. May ’13.

Mr. Henderson’s Railway at The Spain Scoop. Ronda, Spain. April ’13.

Step Aerobics on the Rock at The Spain Scoop. Gibraltar. April ’13.

Off The Bling Track at The Spain Scoop. Benarrabá, Spain. March ’13.

Artisans of Andalusia at The Spain Scoop. Casares, Spain. Feb ’13.

In Search Of The Other Spain at The Expeditioner. Asturias, Spain. Feb ’13.

Pescado a la Romana at The Spain Scoop. Bolonia, Spain. Feb ’13.

In a White Village at The Spain Scoop. Vejer, Spain. Jan ’13.

A Local Twist at The Spain Scoop. Tarifa, Spain. Dec ’12.

A Tasty Morsel at The Spain Scoop. Jerez, Spain. Dec ’12.

Bears, Bovines… at The Spain Scoop. Asturias, Spain. Nov ’12

The House of Light at The Spain Scoop. León, Spain. Oct ’12

Expensive Coffee… at The Spain Scoop. Salamanca, Spain. Sept ’12.

Balconies For Juliet, Turrets… at The Spain Scoop. Caceres, Spain. Sept ’12.

Killing The Andalusian… at The Spain Scoop. Andalucia, Spain. August ’12. 

Beaches of Tarifa at The Spain Scoop. Tarifa, Spain. August ’12.

The Road to Ronda at The Spain Scoop. Ronda, Spain. July ’12.

To The Kasbah… at The Spain Scoop. Tangier, Morocco. June ’12.

Summer’s Coming at The Spain Scoop. Tarifa, Spain. May ’12.

Albino Porcupine and a Kinkajou at The Spain Scoop. Castellar, Spain. April ’12.

On The Way To The Bazaar at The Spain Scoop. Tarifa, Spain. March ’12.

Best Kept Secrets at The Spain Scoop. Castillo de Castellar, Spain. March ’12.

Sunday Market at The Spain Scoop. Jerez, Spain. Feb ’12.

Top Ten Bars in Seville at The Expeditioner. Seville, Spain. Feb ’12.

Behind The Shop at The Spain Scoop. Granada, Spain. Feb ’12.

I’m Waiting at The Spain Scoop. Cadiz, Spain. Jan ’12. 

Space, Time and Fez at The Expeditioner. Fez, Morocco. Aug ’11.

A City of Two Tales at Travel Thru History. Granada, Spain. May ’11.

7 Reasons to Visit Spain’s Costa de la Luz at Bootsnall. Cadiz, Spain. March ’11.

The Conquest Of Tarifa at The Expeditioner. Tarifa, Spain. Nov ’10.

Deep Breath at The Expeditioner. Granada, Spain. Sept ’10

5 Of Ireland’s Best Beaches at Matador Trips. Donegal, Ireland. Sept ’10

The Next Table at Bootsnall. Granada, Spain.  Aug ’10  

The Sabil of Naguib Mahfouz at Literary Traveler. Cairo, Egypt. Aug ’10

A King’s Compass at Travel Thru History. Siwa, Egypt. Aug ’10

Granada’s Tapa Ten at Matador Nights. Granada, Spain. Aug ’10

An Unlikely Mix at The Expeditioner. Cairo, Egypt. July ’10

An Oasis Of Change at GoNomad. Siwa, Egypt. May ’10

Making A Meal Of Free Tapas at GoNomad. Granada, Spain. Mar ’10

Not So Grimm at Bootsnall. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. Jan ’10

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