1. Beautiful photos – where is Ronda?

  2. Wonderful photos – just one more place I have to visit!

  3. I can see why people speak so highly of Andalucia, it looks beautiful.

  4. I was going to ask the same thing as Lisa — where is Ronda — because I want to go there. Beautiful pics — I love the B&Ws and color photos, especially those wonderful buildings.

  5. B&W photos are always so romantic! I like the second to the last one photo because of the reflection in the water.

  6. Beautiful shots! Ronda is such a photogenic little town. Thanks for reading my Ronda post. Glad you liked it! Nic

  7. Spectacular photos! Ronda is a very picturesque town. It’s a place that even the best of pictures cannot quite do justice. I recommend a visit to anyone.

  8. […] these places in two dimensions – the past literally whitewashed by modern manicuring.  This was bandit country and they say El Tempranillo holed out here with his girlfriend, an El Gastor native, during the […]

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