Londres. La galería y el museo. Diciembre, 2011.



  1. Did you notice how perplexed so many museum visitors look? Can’t blame them if I think of some of the exhibits I have seen, among them a heap of dirty jeans. Yes, I WAS a work of art!!!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment on Selcuk in ‘Zaman’.

  3. I love the 4th photo!! The ceiling looks amazing.

    Haha, the lady in the 10th photo saw you huh….she had that look on her face 😄

  4. Fantastic photos. Seeing these museums (in which I’ve set foot many times) like this brings a whole new light to them. Now I can’t wait to go back and look at things from similar perspectives. I especially love the last image looking down on the foyer at the British Musuem. That place is spectacular!

  5. love your 4th photo… slightly gasped when i saw it. beautiful!

  6. […] London we schlepped around gallery and museum. I was reminded that I grew up here; that it was this country that fed my hungry teenage self with […]

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