El Sol

  1. Wow, wow, wow, and wow. Beautiful.

  2. How beautiful. It’s nature’s way of transitioning light into darkness….where golden amber is the compromise between dawn and dusk.

  3. I just posted some sunset photos from Buenos Aires. But I have to admit yours make me long for a beautiful beach.

  4. Ooooh, that second photo is gorgeous!

  5. I’ve book marked this page and am going to come back and look at it whenever I’m stressed. The colors in the second photo are especially amazing!

  6. WOW! Each shot is so beautiful and different. Especially love the red sun.

  7. […] I never know what to think. He’s a nice man; his enjoyment of and devotion to his birds is evident, but I don’t like to see creatures born for flight in captivity. I feel sorry for them but I can’t say I’m sure how sorry to feel. What do they know? Can they miss what they’ve never had? Their little individual cages are too small but we all live in cages I suppose, even if we gilt them. P and A and I, we carry ours around. They are the limits of our understanding, the lockdown of our individual perspectives even if, once in a while, we are astonished – and momentarily freed – by the views between the bars. […]

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