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A year. Twelve months. Fifty two weeks. Three hundred and sixty five days. The first of them in August, just; sweaty, sweltering disorientation. Teeth clenched, eyes wide, ready.

September was a month of early mornings and confounding application forms. Religious processions and kind hearted bureaucrats. And baptism of fire in that most frightening of places. A classroom of children.

October brought reunion and a new beginning. Departures, grave-digging and grief. A weekend in oft-criticised Tangier. We loved it, especially the cake.

I was surprised to make it through the month of November, what with all the bloodsuckers. Back to our beloved Granada to clink glasses.

December was a lesson; when it rains in Spain it doesn’t mess around. Oh, and try not to be up a mountain when it happens. More blood loss and a snowy Christmas.

After all the mosquitoes, I got my first look at the Mezquita in January. Settling in to the apartment, the noise and the confusion.

February brought yet more bereavement. On the bright side we got to see Tarifa as it stretched and shook the winter sleep off. We went for walks and I became a brutal murderer.

I had never voluntarily visited a golf club, till March. Hopefully that’s it. A month of celebration and…more celebration.

April was the cruellest month; well, the wind was cruel. K was beautiful and Morocco was amazing. And also a bit shitty.

A few more threads woven in May. Back to Granada for some duende and the odd alegria. More celebrations – two of them. The beginning of life and the years blingiest rooftop wedding.

June was an outdoor month. Memories blowing up on the beach like sand. Birds presenting themselves like ominous little messengers. Camels winking at K and laughing at me.

July and August go together here. The little town that the Christians won back from the Moors gets invaded all over again. My first free summer for twenty odd years. I ran and swam. I itched. I perspired. I just didn’t sleep. Now it’s nearly September. There you have it. Three hundred and sixty five photographs. Three hundred and sixty five words. Fifty two sentences. Twelve paragraphs. A story.

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  1. Congratulations! how wonderful!

  2. Congrats on your milestone! Hope you’re loving it more and more each day =)

  3. I think this might mean it’s nearly *our* anniversary. I think I met you in November. Time flies when you’re having fun (in your case) and when your trapped at work every stinking hot minute of the Singapore day (in my case).

    Here’s to a few more years of a beautiful friendship. 🙂

    And happy anniversary! I propose a toast in your general direction. (Monty Python reference. Don’t know if it aired in Eireland at all.)

    • Have I edited that the way you wanted it 🙂

      Yes we got Monty Python in Ireland although back in the bad old days of catholic church power Life of Brian was banned there, would you believe? What a truly dreadful country it was then…

      I’ll accept your toast – here’s to many more years!

      • Ahh, you are too sweet.
        Yes, edited to reflect what I meant to type.
        I think I feel the need to email you (which isn’t as catchy as “I feel the need for speed” … and it IS the 25th anniversary of Top Gun today, did you know?)

      • Sure – my address is robingraham6 [at] gmail dot com

        No I didn’t know that about Top Gun!

  4. What a year. The next will be even better, hopefully without any grief and, more trips to Morocco and, dare I hope… a visit to Istanbul?? I promise, my very special guide will be ready by then and I’ll make you a gift of a copy.

  5. Here’s to another wonderful (but less hot/itchy) year!

    • Yes less itching please – actually the last three or four mornings have been deliciously fresh and cool…
      The rest of the time it’s still sticky but I don’t think that will last too much longer now 🙂

  6. Love how you’ve been this all together. Congratulations on your eventful year and thanks for sharing some really great stories and photots with us throughout.

  7. Congratulations! It would be a dream come true to spend a whole year in Spain 🙂

  8. Congrats, what an amazing year you’ve had filled with all sorts of unexpected adventures.

  9. Congratulations. It has been most enjoyable reading all your posts – you always have me right there in the village, and I like it too!!

  10. Love this! What a great reflection on the past year.

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