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Our lagomorph

This blog was going to be called “rabbit”.

Because to get to Tarifa we won’t be hopping on a plane with a couple of bags and without a worry in the world – one of our challenges is the safe and orderly relocation of one overweight bunny from County Kildare to southern Andalucia. Overweight and not always in the best of moods.

This of course turns a relatively simple move into a bit of a logistical nightmare. We’re into “one of us will have to be here to ship and the other over there to receive” territory. The bunny will have to be boarded and shipped by approved carriers – we’ve already tormented our chosen provider with a hundred odd emails. Very odd emails.

It turns out the rabbit will not be expected to comply with the European Pet Passport scheme, rodents and small animals being exempt. We asked about the necessity of rabies shots and were told, not without a certain amount of glee, that bitten rabbits are generally speaking dead rabbits, eaten rabbits in fact, and so do not present much of a threat.

Bounce is her name and she is exempt from the passport scheme because she is classified as a small animal, not because she is a rodent. It turns out she isn’t one – she’s a lagomorph and more closely related to a horse than she is to a rat. Who knew?

She will have to have the usual bunny jabs and a pretty much last minute green light from the vet and that’s it, she’s good to go. Now it’s just a question of getting her there, preferably in one piece.

When she actually takes her trip we’ll both be frantically worried of course, one of us here and the other over there. I’d say “like parents” but it will be worse than that. We’ve decided not to pressurise her into making herself useful in any way while we lug stuff around, fill in forms and live amongst boxes. That wouldn’t be fair. If we’d wanted any help we’d have gone for a horse.

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